Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Get Your Glam On" Fashion Show Review

"Get Your Glam On" fashion show celebrated Ruth's Room 3rd year of ministry.  Providing clothing, food and friendship at "no-cost" to anyone in need.  Matthew 25: 35-40
Ruth's Room has kept 14 tons of clothes from going directly into the landfill.  Being able to give clothes away to be used again is the best way to reuse, however when the garment is out-dated, then what?
Be Creative - like shorten hems, wear it backwards, layer it, use a shirt as a jacket, add lace trim, dye it a different color, remove sleeves, combine two pieces into one, turn jeans into a skirt, or wear a vintage item with a modern piece.
If the garment is unwearable - use it to make a quilt scarf, handbags, totes, apron, make a baby or little kids clothes from adult clothes, stuffed toys, pillows, potholders, or where ever your imagination takes you.  You can also keep buttons, zippers, trims, special fabric to be used over again.
In "Get Your Glam On" fashion show we used some of these ideas and will point them out as we go along with this review.  Also in the near future there will some tutorials on just how we did it.  This review will be done in 3 parts  - the first on here at this blog site and part two will be held at Tally's Place and ending up at ReFashioned Threads
Presenting "Get Your Glam On" Fashion Show....
This is Makala in what I like to think of as layers of color and textures.  She has on a dark orange top with a light orange sherbert button-up blouse tied in front with a multi-colored flower, velvet blazer.  The jeans have a wide cuff to make them capri length. To make the jeans "special" I stamped coordinating flowers on one leg.  Starting at the inner part of the cuff and kind of "swirled" the flowers up to the front pocket and then going around to the back pocket.

This is Molly in capri style slacks with a coordinating jacket with the sleeves pushed up to 3/4 length.  Adding the sapphire blue button blouse adds a "pop" of color and accessorized with a brown vintage handbag and brown heels.
 This is Evelyn and her first outfit focuses on some metal accents.  She has on faded blue jeans with some ragged hem wear.  This is a boxy style jacket with a stand up collar and brass grommet closures and a larger than life "E" necklace.  The black leather bag also sports more metal to finish the look.  Just barely able to peek out behind the jacket is a brown and gold tank to added a hint of sparkle.
 This is Callie in another mixed layer look.  From bottom up - she is sporting a pair of turquoise stilettos.  A pair of light blue and white striped peddle pushers paired with a blue linen short dress worn as a tunic. Topped off with a burgandy velvet jacket with the sleeves rolled up and a double layer white necklace and a black and turquoise faux snake skin extra large purse.

This here is Genesis; a model in the making posing in front of the entrance/exit of the "runway" - Wearing faded skinny jeans, a satiny dark blue cowl neck blouse with a brown fitted blazer with classic white heels and white purse to match.  With a brown braided belt to add some spice.

This outfit was a dare.....  it was to use this green with white polka dot top that was probably part of a early 90's  two-piece outfit.  I tried having Makala wear it many ways.... over a short white dress as a jacket.... wear it backwards over same short white dress....  with different colors, desperately trying to stay away from its original life purpose.  After many tries this is what we ended up with - black with small white pinstripe pants that would be considered "high waters" except that I painted a pair of small heel cotton flats to match the outfit - a tutorial will follow later in another post....
A thin white cotton long sleeve blouse was paired under the now new life white polka dotted jacket
The pants were the perfect length to highlight the refashioned shoes.... This is part of the "runway" and where the models entered from and exited to.
How refreshing to mix pink and green together and Molly did a wonderful job wearing a light green sheer shirt with small brown diagonal stripes, a pink satiny top and a light green fitted cotton blend jacket. A pink canvas handbag gives it a cheerful accent and the brown wooden beaded necklace and brown heels pull it all together.
That 70's Style is what Evie has on here - Just above the knee angle striped skirt matched with a ruched plum colored top, a long purple pendent necklace, with a smokey purple suede hobo style handbag and some shiny wine colored pumps.

 Layering together different pieces helps to extend one's wardrobe as done here - Genesis has on a regular black tee with small short sleeves and over that is a long sleeve opened arm shrug AND over that is layered a gray vest front with silver metal clasp in front paired with this at-knee skirt and accessorized with a long gold pendent necklace, a big black handbag, and topped off with a black and white headband with a shimmering white rose  - just for fun!
Hats are a fun way to make any outfit have new life.... Callie has on a deep yellow floppy brim hat with a gray knit dress, a patch work short sleeve jacket and a bronze color belt with  a gray and yellow handbag and deep yellow strapped heels to match.  Ready for some sight-seeing....

This concludes part one of the "Get Your Glam On" fashion show review - part two is over at Tally's Place and you can get there by clicking here.  See you over there.....

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